Make all important first impression at your events with paper bags.

Paper bags are primarily the best thing to adopt for a clean, green and safe atmosphere. If you are a kind of person who really wants to do something for the environment then, shifting from usual plastic bags to paper bags is the perfect thing you can do at an individual level. This bag is accessible. Compare the plastic bag, paper bags that are made of paper is much more economical. Paper is biodegradable and doesn’t create any harm in the surrounding. Also the best part about the paper bags is they can be reused. All must have noticed the kinds of the bags used everywhere around the world. The reusable paper bags have become a part and parcel of the life of one and all. There are many types of the paper bags, there are of various types, like simple bags, multi-section bags.

A paper bag is a popular genre of paper container normally used for packing the purchased items. There are several advantages to using this type of packaging.

Paper bags come in creative designs; manufacturer produces attractive paper bags in various size and colored. Created bags which have a personalized touch, i.e. they can be wearing your company’s logo. By having done that you can not only publicize about your company but also advertise your company where ever you take it.

Kraft Paper Bags

kraft paper bags that is used for carrying various products. Designed using high quality kraft paper for durability, these paper bags are provided with thread or PP handle string for ease in carrying. We offer our kraft paper bags in brown, white, and other colors, and also with or without printing.

Shopping paper Bag

These bags come in different colors and sizes. Perfect for carrying various items, these paper bags are widely used and demanded by different clients across the globe.

Heavy duty multiple-use shopping bags are often considered environmentally better than plastic shopping bags

Grocery paper

We manufacture superior quality grocery paper bags for merchandise which are manufactured in varied standard sizes. Bags are highly acclaimed in the industry for its resistance to tear and ability to carry heavy loads These paper bags are used in variety of application. Grocery paper bags are available with custimised size & image to sute the requirement of the client

X-Ray Envelope - bag

We manufacture complete range of medicine x-ray film envelope bags, Special sizes and thickness used for X-Ray reports and film.

Food Grade Paper Bags

We manufacture paper bags for Food & Beverages, Bags are made from P.E. Coated paper, Food grade bags are available in any size for packing different food items, Snack Foods, Dairy Products, Processed Foods Ready-to-Eat Meals etc.

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